Empowering Systems of Engagement: Business Value of Couchbase NoSQL Engagement Database

The move is on toward the 3rd Platform, which adds an extensive capability to
reach and retain customers, interact more efectively with partners, and empower
employees, often while delivering new or enhanced products and services. To
compete successfully, enterprises must embrace this move, which IDC calls the digital
transformation, from fixed business processes supported by systems of record and
decision to dynamic processes and actions driven by systems of engagement.

These systems of engagement can take the form of highly adaptive web interfaces
or mobile apps and can involve technology that attracts and keeps users interacting
with the system. These systems of engagement are often not well served by the 2nd
Platform systems used to record structured internal data and report on it. Instead,
enterprises are turning to new technologies that are dynamic and scalable, enabling
adaptive business processes and an agile enterprise.

The NoSQL database system ofered by Couchbase is an example of such a
technology. Couchbase calls this an “engagement database” designed specifically
to serve the needs of systems of engagement. As is the case with so many such
technologies, the database system is open source, which enables a dynamic,
interactive relationship between Couchbase and users. Couchbase does the main work
of developing the software, but users constantly test it and ofer enhancements and
improvements. Couchbase has engaged with IDC to interview its customers and apply
some financial metrics to their success.

IDC interviewed organizations that have deployed Couchbase NoSQL database
solutions to increase the scalability and performance of business-critical applications.
Study participants reported that the choice and deployment of Couchbase have
enabled them to extend the reach and functionality of these applications in a costefective
and efcient manner and provided the necessary levels of performance for services that                                                                                                                               have a direct link to top-line business results.


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